Note to Reader

This thesis just like all my practice is being created in the open, this means the text you read here is highly iterative and will not be in a fixed state until late summer 2021.

This means that if you see text in parentheses and italics this is a specific note that this is incomplete, subject to change or a note to myself.

The text will also have missing sections, be torn apart, re-ordered and re-uploaded many times and sometimes the site may even be empty as revisions take place.

Comment is very much welcome and encouraged at my forum

  • Last Revision 17th March 2021


The central output of my practice led research is is a multiplayer messy serendipitous co-creation digital canvas to play and tinker with ideas augmenting Art & Design studio-based higher education Communities of Practice.

This practice is part of the wider practice of building “Tools for Thought” (Rheingold, 1985) coupled with the process of thinking-through-making (Ingold, 2013).

The way we convey, make, and represent the information generated and presented in a community of practice has a direct impact on the various co-created outputs.

Our ideation and thoughts are directly affected by the software we use (Culkin, 1967).

As we extend the boundaries of our physical selves into the machine, we must consider the implications for the Universal Declaration of Human Rights within the posthuman.